Eico sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys

Nature inspired

It is the earth that Argile draws its inspiration from: skies, mists, valley ridges, forests and ever-changing landscapes. Born of the earth, a harmonious palette of 184 timeless shades has been created to style the interiors world.

Each hue is a sophisticated blend of resins and pigments, with colours that are deep and intense, yet dynamic and vibrant. Argile fuses the colours of nature with the world of design, decoration and lifestyle: the Terre collection inspired by the rich colours of the earth, sand and minerals, the Végétal collection, inspired by plants and vegetation, trees and ferns, mosses and lichens, flowers and bark — both available in eco and classic ranges.

Although originally a French brand, Argile is firmly planted within the London market of sustainable, sophisticated paint, carrying various certifications that reflect the overall quality, both technically and environmentally to testify Argile’s commitment to it’s quality, the environment and highlights the exceptional performance of its products.

It is the ethos behind the inspiration of the colours that captivates my attention, with Argile. The associations to landscape and experience. These are endless colour palettes that constantly inspire me and aid me in my colour pairings. Argile is perhaps the upper end of interior colour sophistication and, with extraordinarily intelligent surface finish options, carrying a sense of ‘Je ne sais quoi’ (an indescribable, special distinguishing feature).

My favourite combination

Terre d’Afrique

Lichen Clair

Eico sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys
Eico sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys
Credits: Green kitchen by Amaury Laparra; Yellow room by Frederic Luciano; Pink cloudscape by Laure Sée.

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