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Eico sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys

The international love story

When two people’s worlds collided, a journey of love, adventure and international travel unfolded.

Andreas, a German specialist in historic building restoration, and Bronwyn, an Australian colour theory teacher and hand-painted fabric artisan, went on to work in some of the world’s hottest climates to learn all about building conservation, rendering and natural pigment. They became the duo behind Bauwerk Colour — offering a collection of sophisticated, natural lime wash paints.

With offices in Australia, the Middle East and Europe, their colours are now available in the UK and bespoke designer ranges.

It is the extraordinary story of experience with pigments and render application, from lives lived abroad, that captures my attention; the idea that lime wash and building render has been truly experienced and studied in it’s original context, resulting in the best possible specialist knowledge.

In developing their colour collections, Bauwerk strives to reflect the inspirations and experiences of both designers. To me, that is the epitome of aesthetic narration.

My favourite combination



Bauwerk sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys
Bauwerk sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys

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