Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

Eico sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys

The architectural historian

Leading architectural historian and award- winning interior designer, Edward Bulmer, has pioneered an unrivalled range of historic, immersive colours using plant-based, mineral and earth formulas.

Edward is passionate about making living spaces healthier for people and the environment; together with his wife, Emma, they have built a company carrying strong family values into the future — their dedicated nursery range demonstrates the brand’s commitment to family values. Their approach is accessible, ecologically-conscious paint that doesn’t cost the earth, placing Edward Bulmer Natural Paint firmly in the top tier of sustainable paint brands.

The 102 colour palette extends to 24 tints in bestselling colours, making the generous combination of options flow beautifully across six available finishes. There is a strong community of clients, from industry professionals to homeowners, Edward’s prominent activism in the sustainable paint world, and ongoing press coverage.

I am particularly fond of Edward Bulmer Natural Paint for the botanical qualities that resonate with my personal interest in flowers and plants (as a former florist) and the muted to colourful palettes. As a brand, they actively raise awareness of sustainability in the painty industry and champion education and information on the subject. I have trained under Edward Bulmer and am proud to write and present their Colour Clinic video series on Instagram.

My favourite combination

Etruscan Brown

Mason Pink

Edward Bulmer sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys
Edward Bulmer sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys

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