Antique vessels for sale

Throughout history, the vessel has served to contain and preserve that which is of value to us in need, ritual or desire.

In aesthetic narration, I draw on the comparable between the vessel and our own existence; the carrying of experiences, relationships, emotion and purpose. In praising the merits of beauty and craftsmanship, the ones here are intended as tactile representations of the human condition, particularly around traditional associations of labour, love and commune in the process from plant to table .

Each item is sympathetically cleaned to reveal it’s time-worn character and, in doing so, named. Please make an enquiry about anything here. If an item is sold, a similar one may be in stock.

The vessels in my personal collection for hire have been featured in the UK interiors press and can be commissioned for styling and photo shoots, as can these for sale.


An ideal choice for those wanting functional beauty, the Madeleine pitcher is both versatile and elegant. Its tall, deep body makes it ideal for holding flowers and foliage. Pairs well with Isabelle.

40cm (H) x 20cm (W)
£159 SOLD


A stunning statement for any table or shelf. Sienna has to be admired from every angle in order to be fully appreciated. The detail and patina of this oil vessel, combining both raw earthenware and dripped glaze, makes you want to touch it — as though just made. If you prefer a pair together, see Campagna.

47cm (H) x 30cm (W)

Pierre, Phillip & Pip

Traditional French earthenware jugs, now perfect for use as decoration or single stem vases. Equally pleasing alone, or grouped with others of differing sizes within my collection. Their hand produced quality is reflected in beautiful variations of the glazing, pigmentation and body shape, giving something special to admire from every angle.

27cm (H) x 32cm (W), £129
31cm (H) x 23cm (W), £107
18cm (H) x 16cm (W), £43

Bepe & Bella

Traditional French olive oil jugs with double handles. A must-have for an authentic mediterranean aesthetic. Equally pleasing alone, or in pairs of differing or same size within my collection. Their hand produced quality is reflected in beautiful variations of the glazing, pigmentation and shape, giving something special to admire from every angle.

30cm (H) x 22cm (W), £92.00 SOLD others available 
38 (H) x 26 (W), £138.00 SOLD others available 


Gargoulette jug with spout, three handles and capacity to hold utensils or flowers. Seen here with a large dried allium — not included in the price but available upon request or at my studio.

29cm (H) x 18cm (W)
£79 SOLD

Jaques, Jean & Jules

Traditional French pottery bottles with tall necks, now perfect for use as decoration, candles or single stem vases. Equally pleasing alone or grouped with others of differing sizes within my collection. Their hand produced quality is reflected in beautiful variations of the glazing, pigmentation and shape, giving something special to admire from every angle.

26cm (H) x 14cm (W), £51
24cm (H) x 14cm (W), £47
36cm (H) x 20cm (W), £100 SOLD


A medium size green demijohn with rush weave casing and sturdy handle. There is a feature across the centre of willow, using a different weave for added effect. The structure is held together with interwoven galvanised ‘threading’. Looks good with Natalia, also in my collection.

40cm (H) x 30cm (W)


Farmhouse charm is what Françoise is all about. Robust, earthy and muted tones. Complete with the original cork firmly in place, suggesting an oil jug that did the job well! Who knows what aroma is inside? No frills — just mystery. Françoise accompanies Bruno well in size and colouration.

47cm (H) x 34cm (W)

Fro & Marge

Two large cheese molds with beautiful glazing to both. One darker than the other, both with holes, once used for draining liquid whist the cheese set. These make really useful dishes for washed fruit, such as strawberries and grapes, and give a rustic feel of ‘fruit just picked’.

Fro: 10cm (H) x 17.5cm (W), £48
Marge: 9cm (H) x 16cm (W), £40


A rugged olive jar packed with character. Bruno differs to most others with unusual variations of charcoal black popping against the warmer orange tones, chunky handles…and even a couple of ‘warts’. If a vessel with a bit of attitude is what you’re after, this is the one for you!

44cm (H) x 35cm (W)
£205 SOLD


A smaller version of Madeleine, this pitcher is darker in finish, making a good pairing contrast with its bigger sister. Perfect for kitchen utensils or smaller flowers, Isabelle looks great on indoor and outdoor dining tables.

29cm (H) x 18cm (W)
£104 SOLD

Bernard, Beatrice & Bon

A popular item of my French earthenware collection, I love using these versatile confit pots for storing fresh and dried herbs in the kitchen. Originally used for preserving small meat such as duck, with a layer of fat on top, their days are long over and are completely vegan friendly now! More sizes in stock.

Bernard: 20cm (H) x 19cm (W), £75
Beatrice: 20.5cm (H) x 14cm (W), £57
Bon: 13cm (H) x 15.5cm (W), £40


Extra large aqua-coloured, translucent demijohn with organic form, hence the natural tilt to one side. Early examples, such as this one, often have variations in their shape; another unique feature of this vessel is a curved indentation in the glass and softly rippled glass, evocative of a gently lapped shore. Similar variations available.

SOLD 65cm (H) x 45cm (W), 54 litres


Extra large, emerald green, translucent demijohn. Early examples, such as this Italian one, often have variations in their shape. A fun, quirky use is to store folded paper wishes, dreams and prayers. Similar variations available.

65cm (H) x 45cm (W), 54 litres
£110 SOLD


A handsome 19th century salting pot, typically tilted. Kare, named after the Viking word meaning ‘curvy’, suits both indoor and outdoor display. Muted aubergine and brown shades make it a stunning piece for both light and dark settings. For a larger version, see Keld.

49cm (H) x 45cm (W)


A larger version of Kare, Keld is a magnificent salting vessel of stunning detail. Aged lichen pops off the muted background and aubergine glazing in striking triangular forms. Suitable as an outdoors and indoors focal point. Named after the Norse word meaning ‘large pot’.

50cm (H) x 60cm (W)


An old, muted wicker jacket containing a tall-necked green wine bottle, with a removable ‘hat’ still wired close. As in the story of Italian true love, Romeo has a counterpart, Juliet.

70cm (H) x 54cm (W)
£ price on application


A counterpart to Romeo, Juliet is an Italian wine bottle encased in a wicker jacket. A removable hat reveals original straw bedding and one head of wheat — a mythological symbol of charity and love.

70cm (H) x 53cm (W)
£ price on application


LAST PAIR. Two cast iron, Medici planters with authentic patina boasting a gorgeous speckling of age-worn history. There is a chip to the base of one.

21cm (H) x 18.5cm (W)
£128 each

Luca & Lulu

Wicker encased wine bottles of good quality. Lulu has a green glass spout with a tight, golden weave. Luca has a rustic farmhouse quality and would pair well with Natalia in my collection.

38cm (H) x 30cm (W), £57
37cm (H) x 19cm (W), £35

Claude & Jules

Aqua and green glass carafes in open baskets with handles. These differ to many other wicker-contained bottles, as there is more exposed coloured glass to appreciate. Great decor for kitchen shelving.

Claude: 38cm (H) x 22cm (W), £42
Jules I: 27cm (H) x 17cm (W)
Jules II: 24cm (H) x 17cm (W), £43 pair

Small stoneglaze pots

A varied collection of stone glaze pots from tiny ink wells to stamped botanical bottles. Most of these items would have been fished out of the River Thames, having been discarded after the introduction of glass, because it was lighter and cheaper to produce. Some of these vessels have barnacles, testament to their journey and age beneath the river. Great decor for small spaces or used as single stem vases.

From 5cm to 18cm
£5 upwards SOLD


A cute pair of brown, medium demijohn wine bottles. To fully appreciate these, they look best set against a window, so natural light can pass through and enhance the richness of their warm colour.

43cm (H) x 28cm (W)
£84 (pair) SOLD


A modest demijohn, displayed in a simple yet interesting jacket of thick slatted wood with galvanised rings. A special feature of this piece is the olive green glass which comes to life when light passes through it.

52cm (H) x 26cm (W)

Azure (x2)

Azure — the colour of the Italian sky on a cloudless day. These two large, rectangular planters will brighten up your garden or patio, with or without clouds! Beautifully weather-worn, the intense blue paint pops against green or colourful flowering plants. There are a couple of ridges missing on the top edge of one but this adds to the charm of their age and history.

50cm (H) x 20cm (W) x 27cm (D)
£270 (pair) SOLD


Originally used as a water bucket, Ethel would make an excellent umbrella stand or rolled guest-towel holder in the bathroom. The iron ring above the handle enables the bucket to be hung off the floor.

62cm (H) x 32cm (W)
£75 SOLD


This vase has travelled far, from Tunisia in North Africa, most likely across waters to southern Italy, before heading on to France. The ancient artwork, angular and crude, suits a contemporary setting, adding a pop of yellow and teal colour with it’s robust form. The animals are believed to be interpretations of lions, on grassy terrain.

42cm (H) x 25cm (W)
£219 SOLD

Tao, Kai and Su

Originally used for carrying rice, a set of three beautiful containers, each with sturdy handles and solid bases, making them practical and attractive storage solutions. Features include neat metalwork, hand painted design depicting blossom-like flower and unusual orange wood stain.

Tao (top): 20cm (H) x 32cm (W), 32cm (D), £89
Kai (mid): 20cm (H) x 27cm (W), 27cm (D), £75
Su (base): 22cm (H) x30cm (W), 30cm (D), £105


Aptly named after iconic gardener, Gertrude Jekyll, this large wooden rug features a bentwood handle and deep dimensions making it ideal for collecting harvested vegetables, fruit and flowers, of indoor storage. The cost does not include the dried flowers but these are available upon request.

60cm (H) x 30cm (W) x 30cm (D)

Charlotte (x2)

Stunning urn planters. Feminine and elegant with distressed paint in a mason-pink colour and aged moss embedded across the rim. These are incredibly heavy and solid, and would look great on plinths, a wall or at floor level. Dress with spring bulbs, moss or trailing succulents. Alternatively, indoors with white orchids. There is a slight dink to one corner. If you like this aesthetic, you might be interested in Emma.

45cm (H) x 45cm (W) x 30cm (D)
£605 (pair) SOLD

Jane & Timothy

Old fashioned, English bread crocks made from thick terracotta. Perfect for dry storage with a handy lid. Owing to their age, there are few chips on the glazing, adding character. A feature of these is the ‘clonk’ of the lid when being replaced.

Jane: 32cm (H) x 30cm (W), £69 SOLD
Timothy: 42cm (H) x 40cm (W), £138 SOLD

Dough bowls

Selected for their age and patina, rather than perfection, the dough bowls in my collection add a touch of rustic grandeur to any setting. Whether used for storage or display, as shown in my home styling page, they make tactile conversation pieces, owing to interesting features and repair elements.

15cm (H) x 100cm (W) x 48 (D), £200
16cm (H) x 80cm (W) x 31cm (D), £175
16cm (H) x 42cm (W) x 37.5cm (D), £128

Emma (x2)

Classical and delicate, a pair of fluted planters in a basket weave design, with two figures depicting dancing women carrying fruit and flowers, and adorned in fabric. The pale blue paint is weathered and pretty. Suitable indoors and outdoors, adding English cottage-garden charm to any space. If you like this style, you might be interested in Charlotte.

45cm (H) x 25Xcm (W) x 25cm (D)
£280 (pair) SOLD

Baguette boards

Beautifully hand-carved from one piece of wood, proofing boards for baguettes can be used to display anything small such as tea candles, flowers, fruit and nuts, as well as bread. The simple form of these will add a delicate touch of rustic to any table surface. If you like aged wood, you might be interested in one of my characteristic chopping boards too.

104cm (H) x 10cm (W)
£42 each

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