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Working with nature and
narratives to build immersive
colour palettes for your home

Working with nature and
narratives to build immersive
colour palettes for your home

Terracotta and grey paints with Fiona de Lys, interior colour consultant

Worldwide colour consultations

I am taking consultation bookings for homes and interiors in the UK and overseas. If you’d like to make a booking or have questions about working together, please get in touch.

Light and colour are inseparable

Colour is an immersive and sensory experience that is a combination of light, place and purpose — creating mood, atmosphere and feeling.

The experience of a space can be dramatically improved by supporting the natural movement of light within it, so introducing colour that naturally enhances light gives an aesthetic that flows comfortably from one room to another.

Colour combinations with Fiona de Lys
Terracotta and grey paints with Fiona de Lys, interior colour consultant

Enhance the experience of your home by using colours that add value

My aim is to enhance your home by helping you make the right decisions for your interior colour scheme, using palettes born of craft, history and nature, re-imagined as exquisite colours by makers, artists and designers.

To that end, I promote a collection of designer, sustainable paint brands, with trace VOCs, that uphold industry environmental standards, each with their own unique palette range for you to discover: Argile, Bauwerk, Earthborn, Edward Bulmer Natural Paint, Eico and Francesca’s Paints. Whilst these are my favourites, I can work with any palette that you have in mind or any particular source of inspiration.

“Colour serves our experiences as words do poetry.”

Fiona de Lys

Styling with colour for home renovation and redecoration

To complement my colour consultancy work for home owners, I offer styling advice for renovation and redecoration projects, to help you choose fabric, furnishings and decor to coordinate with your paint scheme. I can help you achieve a considered look throughout your home.

I also consult on props and floral displays for photoshoots and videos, collaborate with like-minded professionals and photographers on projects, and write and comment on colour for leading interior magazines such as House & Garden, The English Home and the Colour Clinic video series for Edward Bulmer Natural Paint.

Styling with colour with Fiona de Lys, interior colour consultant
Choosing paint swatches with Fiona de Lys, interior colour consultant

Confused by all the options?
I’m here to keep things simple

Choosing colours for your home, or a project, is an exciting process, but the options can make it feel daunting when you’re surrounded by a sea of samples — or you might just be short of time, and need some help fast.

My consultations are an enjoyable way to better understand colour, learn more about your home, and how to enhance it. I consider a number of factors, give you sound reasons for my advice, and most importantly, leave you feeling informed, relaxed and excited about your next steps in decorating your home.

“Light in nature creates the movement of colours.”

Robert Delaunay

Let’s start your transformation

I work with clients all over the world, virtually and in-person, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a question or would like to make a colour consultation booking.

Home colour consultations start from £245 and virtual appointments from £35. You can call me on +44 (0)7443 429 614 or message me if you’d like to discuss a project.

Download my Welcome PDF for more details.

Fiona de Lys, interior colour consultant, working in her Georgian cottage in North London

This PDF gives you more details on my working methods — what you can expect at the beginning, during, and end of a project.

Welcome PDF for Fiona de Lys, interior colour consultant

Thrival Interiors

“Fiona has an innate, highly developed and deep understanding of aesthetics and colour curation. It’s always a pleasure collaborating with her when styling a project or creating a colour scheme.”

Rachael Smith photography

“Fiona really gets the essence of the home she’s in. I have worked with her on several magazine shoots and each one has been an absolute pleasure. A calm, fabulous stylist who adds the finishing touches perfectly. She is an absolute gem!”

Claudia, private client

“Your understanding of how I wanted to connect with the rooms in my home exceeded my expectations. The observations you made about what is important to me in my life, based on my decor, was spot on. Somehow you managed to bring everything together for a fully considered look after our interior designer finished her work!”

Davina, client of Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

“Fiona’s knowledge of colours and how they work in a room was astounding and beyond helpful. We love the selection she’s made and are really looking forward to the paint cards, as well as starting the paint job.”

Mary Ann & Amy, private clients

“Fiona was so amazing to work with. She helped transform a rather dull and plain Hampstead flat. Her creativity and ingenuity, knowing just what to do and where, was spectacular to witness!”

Andrea Galer, The London Film Fashion Centre

“Wonderful work and I very much enjoy collaborating on projects with her.”

Chantal Gelb

“We were thrilled with Fiona’s service. She unlocked our aesthetic narrative and guided us toward a palette of colours we wouldn’t have had the confidence to choose, and we absolutely love it. She brings an innate perceptiveness, attention to detail and understanding of colour, with extensive knowhow and experience.”

Jo Elliot

“Within an hour of arriving at the house, Fiona had analysed the structural detailing and lighting plan of our cottage. After listening patiently to my haphazard thoughts, she helped plan the entire paint scheme brilliantly, whilst considering how colours respond to light throughout the morning. I was thrilled with her choices. Her help was invaluable.”

Josephine Corbett

“Joy. Thank you so much for today. It really was such a treat for me and I feel so excited getting it all done. I’m even warming to the lavender in the kitchen — the sky was full of it this evening, and I started noticing it everywhere! All so exciting. Thank you.”

Private client

“Fiona is a marvel. Her colours come together in a beautiful symphony. She really takes the time to consider the narrative of a home and its inhabitants to conjure a beautiful palette fit for their story. We had such a fun morning building the layers; it was a treat to see it all come together under her expert eye.”