Eico sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys

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Founded as an independent brand in 2002, Earthborn are one of the first on the market for designer colours made from clay and free from harmful emissions. Known for their iconic lush and creamy clay paint in over 70 colours, it is an emulsion comparable to lime wash, making it an excellent choice for walls and buildings that that need to breathe.

With age comes experience and development, and the brand has extended it’s range to include a wipeable lifestyle finish and an eggshell, designed for active households and living spaces.

Founded by John Dison over 20 years ago, Earthborn was borne of a realisation that there is a synergy between building, person and health, and a desire to find a solution that benefits the combination. In doing so, Earthborn is baby-safe, vegan-friendly and carries the EU Ecolabel.

Earthborn is the first paint company to have been awarded the UK licence for the EU Ecolabel for indoor paints and varnishes. There is a simple and wholesome feel to the brand. No frills, just safe paint in a manageable number of colours to choose from.

My favourite combination

Flower Pot


Eico sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys
Eico sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys

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