Eico sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys

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After 30 years interior decorating experience, and time spent running one of London’s premier decorating shops, Rishi Subeathar founded Eico in 2006. His vision was to offer all the best features clients demand in forward-thinking paint: exceptional quality, excellent colour options, durability and wipe ability, all with a proven low VOC rating and manufactured with a low carbon footprint, for an affordable price.

How do Eico do this? By making the best in durability and longevity with 100% water-based acrylic (normally a very intensive and energy-consuming process that raises cost and carbon footprint), manufactured using 100% free geothermal and hydro-power energy which makes the manufacturing process 100% carbon neutral — in Iceland.

Paint is shipped to the UK on cargo ships with unfilled space. From the modern contemporary home to the period house, Eico has a paint palette to suit the most discerning taste, including eye-popping brights, pretty candy pastels, classic country hues and exotic warm spices.

The manufacturing process for Eico paint seems to offer the best carbon neutral solution and the 100% acrylic base is said to stand the test of time. Eico offers an extensive colour library and colour matching service.

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Eico sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys
Eico sustainable paint consultation by Fiona de Lys

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